About Us

I started this ride in the spring of 2022, hoping to maybe create a few shirts for athletes at my alma mater, West Virginia University. It was a fun idea. I come from a long line of Mountaineers and being able to provide our athletes with a couple extra bucks through my design work was a dream come true in itself. So I didn’t set expectations. I had a heat press, a box full of navy shirts, and a fun idea.

Then the wild part happened.

It worked.

Athletes started noticing what I was making, and before I knew it, I had an inbox full of athletes and a basement that was suddenly a makeshift shirt shop.

Fast forward 12 months and this fun idea has grown into a team and that team has created products for more than 250 athletes at 35 universities across 11 sports. Our box of navy shirts is now floor to ceiling shelves of every color. That basement is now my kids playroom again, and that heat press is now in our brick and mortar shop where we churn out fun ideas on a daily basis.

So we thank you for supporting the athlete that brought you to our site, and we thank the athletes for bringing us to this point. You all are the best.


Palmer Brown

Founder – The NIL Shop